About Us
ShopProgress provides a streamlined and efficient way to buy Union-made, US-made,
and eco-friendly promotional items. We have pre-selected products that are useful, practical, well-designed, well-made, and adhere to our highest-in-the-industry standards for sourcing and manufacturing. Our mission is to promote widespread adoption of fair labor and manufacturing practices by making such products available on an accessible and affordable basis to political campaigns, companies, and not-for-profit organizations alike. It is our job to make you look good while doing right by the world in which we live.

Out of this challenge came the idea for ShopProgress. ShopProgress is the brainchild of
Grossman Marketing Group, a one-hundred-year-old, fourth generation, Union print and promotional products company with a storied history of serving political campaigns, progressive causes, and sustainable-minded organizations nationwide. Grossman Marketing Group recognizes the need for those seeking Union-made, US-made, and eco-friendly products to have a resource they can trust, that makes specific product recommendations because they are “best-in-class” and available at competitive prices in a short time frame. 
ShopProgress provides a wide array of materials ranging from apparel, bumper stickers, and tote bags to desktop items and writing instruments, all customizable based on client needs.

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