By enabling organizations easy access to eco-friendly merchandise we hope to help grow the increasingly important global sustainability movement. 

What it means
Sustainability means assuring the long-term survival of our planet by conserving and caring for its resources. Our growing awareness of the effects of climate change and deforestation makes sustainability and environmental stewardship everyone’s concern today.

Why it matters
For companies, sustainability and profitability go hand-in-hand. A commitment to environmental sustainability makes for good corporate citizenship, which improves a company’s relationship with customers, investors, regulators, neighbors, and suppliers. Sustainability is not only good for the earth and its people; it’s increasingly connected to building bottom lines and improving shareholder value.

Why go green with Grossman Marketing Group?
ShopProgress is powered by Grossman Marketing Group. A concerned corporate citizen with an extensive track record in public service, Grossman Marketing Group is proud to be a green company. We introduced environmentally friendly promotional products several years ago, and have since worked with a number of clients to help make their communications and promotional campaigns more environmentally responsible. Please talk to us about your next project—we won’t let you down.

Be sure to check out Sustainable Ink, a site dedicated to the exploration of sustainable marketing, authored by GMG's Co-President, Ben Grossman.

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