The key to a strong place for the United States in the 21st Century global economy is to encourage domestic spending, and the easiest way for us all to do that is to buy US-made goods. 

Why buy American?
In this age of the Internet and rapidly increasing globalization, it has become much easier for
other countries to compete with America on the price and even quality of goods produced. However there are many advantages to buying American-made goods, especially in this difficult economy:

1) Every dollar that we spend on domestically produced materials helps to keep jobs in America. Once these traditionally well-paying, middle class jobs are outsourced, it is unlikely they will ever return. Keeping America’s middle class employed is paramount to our remaining economically viable.

2) Many countries around the world are able to produce such low-cost goods because their standards for employee and environmental health and well-being are not on the same level as America’s. Lack of worker safety regulations, no minimum wage, low product safety standards (like high levels of lead), and minimal environmental pollution controls in many countries undermine the concept of equitable global commerce. By buying American-made products, you are ensuring that they are manufactured to a higher standard.

3) For many years, the US trade deficit has been spiraling out of control, with imports far exceeding exports. This huge imbalance leads to massive, unsustainable borrowing from other countries. By buying US-made products, we can all do our part to keep the global trade balance from getting even more heavily weighted to our competitors.

indicates a US-made product

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